How much does it cost?
In most cases, can expect to pay between $70 to around the $220 mark.
Is there extra charge for travel?
Outside the immediate Hamilton area will incure a extra fee.
Do I bring my vehicle to your workshop?
Waikato paintless dent removal is a mobile service I will come to your work or home for the repair, However bigger jobs are recommended to drop at my workshop.
Will the repair pop back in?
No once the metal is massaged back into its original place its there to stay.
Do you repair motorcycle tanks?
Yes Waikato paintless dent removal does fix motorcycle tanks.
How long does it take to do the repair?
Regardless of weather you take your vehicle to our paintless dent removal workshop, or we come to you most dents can be repaired within an hour or two.
What is the time wait to get the job done?
Most small repairs can be done within 2 to 3 days, However larger repairs may have a longer wait time, circumstances depending.
Will paintless dent removal damage my existing paint?
No the process of paintless dent removal massages the metal with care and precision back to its original state.
Can body line dents be removed?
Yes body line dents can be removed although they generally take extra time to fixed.
What if the metal is extremely stretched and the paint is damaged?
The paintless dent removal process can’t shrink extreme damage, if this is the case I’ll recommended a reputable collision repair company.